Brainstorming is an art and it involves a complete science of consciousness and uplifted awareness. If the session is conducted well, it can propel the company’s performance exponentially. It does not only lead to sharper and faster decision making but it also inculcates people’s involvement and togetherness. It brings in the clarity of thoughts and momentum in company-wide thoughts. The subtle changes it brings in is usually not even noticeable and the company shifts from problem centered to solution centered.

If brainstorming is being handled –

  • Professionally
  • In a structured way
  • With a purpose
  • With clarity
  • With participation
  • With preparation
  • In a focused way,

the companies can transform at multiple levels

It normally leads to arguments as people tend to cross over the thin dividing line between discussion and argument. But please wait! Who said Argument is bad? If the argument remains focused to the purpose, agenda and solution, it is the Best Churner and its end result without fail produces brilliant solutions.

Normally the team is found to be not aptly prepared and it is the normal human tendency to enter into blame game or to start defending oneself. That’s why you need an orchestra type team conductor to create a Flow through this amazing concept called Brainstorming.




3 very critical areas to be taken care of

That’s why to reap the real benefits out of a brainstorming session, one needs an Expert. Otherwise it will remain a normal daily discussion as all the people are used to talking and sharing with each other in a particular way. To obtain different results, with a difference, one need to do things differently (expecting too much from the existing team) or to simply hire the services of an Expert who will indulge everyone to do different things.

Take a simple example –

“The Company need to fix the Delivery to Customers”

How a chaotic brainstorming will look like –
  • We have a smaller number of vehicles
  • We have a smaller number of vehicles
  • We have a smaller number of vehicles
  • There are other priorities to deal with
  • We are shortage of staff
  • Too much overtime is paid
  • Too much overtime is paid
  • The customer doesn’t order on time
  • Our delivery locations are scattered
  • Our delivery locations are scattered
  • Our employees are not skilled

This Are Not Mere Post Its But They Are Wired To The Flow Of Your Thoughts To Reach To The Best Level

The above is the outcome of a proper brainstorming session. The blue text defines the purpose and the different functions present their roles with solution. One Team.

Even if you are discussing about Macro scenario, people do have the tendency to enter into details at the Micro level. With practice, you will be able to distinguish between such cases / scenarios, requiring summary or detail. Macro entails decision-making and Micro ignites action. Success in business is all about connecting the dots and this synergy must happen at the same time. The unison between Macro and Micro has to happen in tandem.

Take Brainstorming seriously and Experience One “structured and professional” Brainstorming session with us to