Why 800Profit?

In the present age of decentralization and artificial intelligence where everything is made available at finger tips, we started thinking about making Profit easily attainable. Why should a company follow a complex path leading to Profit? Are they managing to attain their Real Profit?

Startup or SME or a large size company, at any stage of their business cycle, whether managed professionally or not, tremendous opportunities of making more profit or grow exponentially or continue to make profit year after year are lost or overlooked.

Organizations are trying to do everything Right in their limited and constraint (L & C) environment. We started pondering upon about how to make them look More Bright.

In many cases, the companies get so much stuck in the complexity of their L & C environment, that they push themselves into survival mode with hardly any breathing space.

Most of the times what need to be provided to them is just a gentle nudge, which helps them open their doors wide open and let the fresh light come in, leading them to the path of excellence.

The problems are not actually so big or complex that solutions couldn’t be found. Then why decision delays? What will put the problems in the right perspective.

How to make them come out of their L & C environment to attain Greatness –

Shift their limited environment

From close-ended to open-ended

After understanding and realizing the L & C environment, we decided to team up with CXOs of various companies in different industries / sectors and involved them in a profound discussion, asked them the Right Questions. Based on the discussion and the replies which followed, we developed our Master 100⁺ points Checklist, in order to tap all the hidden and untapped profits within the business and beyond. Ours is a concentrated and advanced level effort to make Profit the focal point of every organization’s functioning and in this process deliver guaranteed profit.

The churning process resulted in Simplified and Customizable Profit Model –

  • To make companies realize their Real Profit
  • To make People become Profit Responsible

That’s how our Logo emerged, which reflects the Master Key to Unlock your Real Profit and it starts with the decentralized lines indicating Profit Responsibility at employees’ level.

Then the real thinking started as to how to make it reach to the target customers in this digital world i.e. “Increase Profit with Ease”. We decided to work at two levels –

(1) Make a hotline Profit number for our local area i.e. UAE to unlock real profit of companies;

(2) Create a website www.800Profit.com for our global community in order to deliver Profit through the website framework and also to partner with likeminded professionals worldwide.

Our motto is crystal clear “Every business is born to be successful”